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SIHIsupernova - Hot Water Pumps

The volute pumps of the SIHISuperNova series are part of the overall program of heat transfer and circulation pumps. They are primarily used for circulation of hot water in closed pipe and vessel systems.

Horizontal, single-stage volute pumps with dimensions and nominal ratings to DIN 24256 EN 22858 in back pull out construction, with un-cooled mechanical seal. The SIHISuperNova series has especially been designed for the trouble free handling of hot water up to 446 °F. 

 ZEND (PN 40)

 ZDND (PN 25)

 ZHND (PN 16)

Capacities to 2100GPM Capacities to 2100GPM   Capacities to 2100GPM
Head to 300 feet Head to 285 feet Head to 300 feet
Temperature to 446°F Temperature to 404°F Temperature to 356°F
PN 40 flanges:  drilled to DIN, ANSI 150# or ANSI 300# PN 40 flanges:  drilled to DIN, ANSI 150# or ANSI 300# PN 40 flanges:  drilled to DIN, ANSI 150# or ANSI 300#
Casing Pressure Limit 580 PSIG  Casing Pressure Limit 363 PSIG  Casing Pressure Limit 232 PSIG 
Uncooled Mech. Seal  Uncooled Mech. Seal   Uncooled Mech. Seal  


Features: • Double Heat Barrier
• Unique Shaft Seal Housing
• Back Pull Out Design

Technical Data:
Capacity: 2100 GPM
Total Head: 300 Ft.
Temperature: 446 °F (max.)
Material: Ductile iron

Note: Applications exceeding these ranges, please consult Factory

Industries and Applications:
Heating of injection moulds, platens, dies and calendars, Circulation pumps in HTW systems and central boilers and solar heating systems. Used in systems where hot water is required as a heat carrier, despite its high system pressure.

Accessories: Available upon request

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