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KPH Liquid Ring Compressors

The KPH series, offer efficient compression of condensable vapors and gases. These pumps use the liquid ring principle to ensure maximum safety in compression of hazardous mixtures.

The Principle of the liquid ring pump is dependent upon a continuous supply of cool, clean service liquid, normally water, which enters the pump at the initial stages and is discharged from the final stage together with the compressed gas.

Features: KPH

• Low starting torque
• Availability in a variety of materials
• Functionality with inlet pressure lower or higher than atmospheric pressure
• Absence of reciprocating parts
• Near isothermal compression
• Available in three ranges
• Process safety
Technical Data:
Capacity: up to 5000 SCFM
Pressure: up to 150 PSIG

Cast & ductile irons, bronzes,
stainless steels, hastelloys, titanium, and
other castable and machine-able alloys.

Note: Applications exceeding these ranges, please consult factory

Accessories: SIHI Pumps can provide service liquid arrangements in completely piped, assembled and tested factory packages

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