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SIHI Pumps provides complete packages for vacuum, gas compression and liquid applications. These systems are factory tested and ready for installation. SIHI guarantees the reliability and quality of all components within the package through it's comprehensive warranty, featuring single source responsibility.

Standard vacuum packages include:
1. The XBA - Liquid ring with once through or partial recirculation
2. The TRB - Liquid ring with total recirculation
3. The Enviroseal - Total recirculation Oil Sealed Packages

Standard compressor packages include:
4. The OTC – Once through gas compression packages
5. The DGS – Digester gas recirculation and gas pressure boosting

The Liquid Ring Principle of Operation for single acting pumps can be found in our Education and Training Section. The Liquid Ring Principle of Operation for double acting pumps can be found in our Education and Training Section.


  • Fully factory engineered, assembled, & tested
  • Single source responsibility
  • Single comprehensive warranty

Technical Data:

  • Standard Vacuum systems: up to 5,000 ACFM and to 25 Torr (1" Hg ABS)
  • Compressor systems: up to 5,000 SCFM
  • Discharge pressures:from 22 psig to 150 psig.

Greater flows are available utilizing multiple units, and lower absolute pressures (higher vacuums), are available using air ejectors or blowers down to 1 Torr or less.

Note: Applications exceeding these ranges, please consult Factory.

Accessories: gas ejectors, blowers and condensers.

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