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The brochure gives a brief overview of the features and performances of all our Liquid pumps providing an excellent introduction to the SIHI Liquid Product line.
This extensive range of side-channel pumps are available in various designs including:- Horizontal or vertical, self-priming and some of a segmental construction. The pumps are able to handle entrained gases and liquids which in some cases contain solid or abrasive matter.
The SIHImulti pumps are horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps of ring-section design, which meet the technical requirements of ISO 5199 / EN 25199.
A large number of pumping processes, especially in the chemical industry, require pump sealing systems adapted to the particular application. In most applications these requirements are satisfied by pumps with magnetic couplings that by means of a motorcan are statically sealing the pump shaft from the atmosphere.
The ZTN Line is a specialty line of pumps specifically designed to handle hot thermal fluids. Pumps are available in 24 models with only two shaft sizes.
Multistage centrifugal pumps are used in applications where trouble-free pumping of clear or slightly dirty liquids is required.

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