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The SIHIdry is a dry running vacuum pump based on a dry screw-rotor principle. The SIHIdry counter rotating screw shaped rotors, rotate without contact, eliminating the need for lubrication. Top down (self-draining), pumping is achieved by the top inlet and bottom discharge.
The LEM close coupled liquid ring vacuum pump series offers the ultimate in multi service robust simplicity manufactured in North America. This series of pumps feature cavitation protection, single North American mechanical seal, single casing drain, continuous solids purge connection, ultimate vacuum approaching 29 Hg. (25 Torr), and minimum space requirements.
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The SIHI LPH series liquid ring vacuum pumps are reliable pumps that can be used in a variety of applications. The vacuum pumps have one moving part, the impeller and shaft assembly, and no internal metal to metal contact. The LPH series are available in a single stage (low to medium vacuum) and two stage (medium to high vacuum) configurations for optimum performance. These pumps are available in a wide range capacities and materials of construction to meet your requirements. The pumps can use a variety of liquids to seal the internal clearances.
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